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Credit Design

Hi, I'm Chris Ryan

I'm a Senior Art Editor at Nature news in London.

I enjoy designing interactive graphics with D3, Three.js, PixiJS and Svelte, wrangling data with Python (and a tiny bit of R) and animating with Adobe After Effects.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub and Codepen.


These are some of my favourite projects from the last few years.

Immersive article

Milestones in genomic sequencing


Timeline and circos diagram built with Svelte and D3. For performance the background animation is rendered using PixiJS.

Produced by Nature, Nature Genetics and Nature Reviews Genetics.

Immersive article

Malaria’s ticking time bomb


Full-screen scrollytelling map built with d3. Data processed with pandas and d3-geo, recorded in a Jupyter Notebook and uploaded to GitHub.

Written by Amy Maxmen and edited by Brendan Maher.

Interactive graphic

What the numbers say about refugees


Built with a customised version of the d3-sankey plugin to allow countries to be sorted by continent or by volume of people. The code for this graphic is available on GitHub.

Static graphics and colour scheme by Jasiek Krzysztofiak. Written by Declan Butler and edited by Brendan Maher.

Interactive graphic

Indirect costs


Brushable Scatterplot built with D3. Original data analysis performed with python and csvKit, hosted on GitHub and cited within the article.

Written by Heidi Ledford and edited by Brendan Maher.

This website is built with Sapper, the typeface used is Atkinson Hyperlegible.

Credit Design is short for Chris Ryan Editorial Design, geddit?

© Copyright 2021 Chris Ryan. No, sadly not ‘that’ Chris Ryan.